Pet Sanitation

An easy-to-use, eco-friendly and safe way to eliminate pet waste. You simply pick up after your dog(s) and drop the poop into the Sani-Station.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. add pet waste – daily
  2. add water – weekly
  3. add septic enzymes – monthly

$ VALUE. We offer a product that is installed in your yard just once, that you pay for just once and that costs less than one year with a “bucket service“. Dog waste bucket services provide a bucket to fill with dog waste then collect those buckets weekly or bi-weekly. They charge $300 – $400 per year . . . every year.

ECO-VALUE. Our emissions are MUCH LOWER since we drive to your home just once. Bucket services drive to your home every week or two and drive to the Iona Sewage Treatment Plant in Richmond every day.

NATURAL SOLUTION. We are installers of the Poop B Gone Sani-Station, a pet waste elimination septic system. This in-ground system uses natural bacteria and enzymes to process pet waste into a nutrient-rich liquid that will be absorbed into the ground, filtered by the soil and further cleaned as it is digested by the earthworms.

Metro Vancouver Solid Waste By-law PROHIBITS all forms of excrement from being disposed in garbage containers as well as landfill and transfer stations. They have approved the use of properly installed septic systems like the Poop B Gone Sani-Station. Keep pet waste out of the garbage collection system by processing it right in your yard in a clean, eco-friendly manner.

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Renting? No problem! The Poop B Gone Sani-Station can be removed, the hole filled in, and reinstalled at your next home.